Hooking Up Tonight? Here’s 5 Tips You Need To Know

It’s getting a bit late, and you’re pretty turnt. You’ve had a great time at this party and you actually met a girl that you created a little chemistry with, and you’re both sending vibes to one another, feeling each other out.

She gets the idea that you’re about to leave the party and asks if you can walk her home. Unless you’re completely stupid, you agree and leave together.

Once you get to her place, she thinks for a second and asks you if you want come in. Once again, unless you’re an idiot you gladly say yes and go inside.

You know why you got the opportunity to hook up with her? You followed these five tips listed below like a straight up boss.

#1: Lock away your feels in a deep, dark corner of your heart. T​his is something that you’d think everyone would understand­ it’s just a hookup, after all.

We’re all human though, and can’t always control our feelings towards other people. Sometimes, it just happens; you catch the feels and start to like someone.

Even when we know the relationship we have with someone is purely sex, we can start to really like them and it sucks, because they probably don’t feel the same way.

This really only ends in heartbreak or sadness, so do your future self a favor and just enjoy the sex you have with that person. When you’re not together, don’t think about them or anything; limit your exposure to them and your feels will be intact.

#2: Bring your A game. E​ven though you might not see them again, or even just a few more times, give them your best effort.

You’re trying to have a good time, right? Well, to have a great time and good memories, do your best to make the sex as awesome as you can.

You might think that you’re just supposed to go to town on each other and that’s it. Almost, but not quite.

Treat the sex like they’re your gf/bf and it’s their birthday­ you’re gonna give them the best sex they’ve ever had.

Ask them what they like or don’t like, and don’t go overboard with it; it’s just sex, not a tryout for the Chinese Olympic gymnastics team.

#3: Don’t ask them to hangout just for fun, ever. I​f you’re bored, do not hit up your friend with benefits to chill.

Only hit them up when you want to have sex, not to chill on a Tuesday afternoon. They’re your friend with benefits, not your friend.

The ‘friend’ part is somewhat misleading; you can hate each other if you want, just so long as you’re having sex.

If you ask them to hangout, they will probably get the wrong message­ they’ll think you like them, which you don’t (remember tip #1!), so don’t do anything to create a misunderstanding.

All that it will lead to is you going on the search for another hookup, and the other person won’t feel too great about themselves. Do each other a favor and just hit them up when you want to have sex.

#4: Clean up your place before you bring them back with you.​If you walk into your place and it smells weird and looks like shit, they’re gonna give it all a second thought unless they’re too drunk to notice.

You don’t need to clean the floors or vacuum, but just make sure that your clothes are off the floor and the garbage has already been taken out.

If you want to hookup with them again but your place is disgusting, they aren’t going to want to, unless they just have you come to their place from now on.

Even if you don’t plan on seeing them again, don’t be the person who they tell their friends about who has a nasty ass apartment. Yuck.

#5: Don’t expect them to be your fwb for very long. I​n most cases, when you wake up the next day they’re long gone and you never see them again.

If you’ve exchanged numbers, don’t expect them to want to have sex with you for an extended period of time; don’t hookup with them for more than three months, I’d say.

You’ll probably tire of each other within two months, but if you keep hooking up with each other and a few months have passed, you have some thinking to do.

Either you try to change the nature of the relationship and start dating or you break things off and part ways amicably.

It’s important to keep in mind that it’s a short term deal here. You can’t expect them to keep you in their life and you can’t let it bother you if they break things off quicker than you’d like.

Maybe they started dating someone or they’re just trying to stay away from people of the opposite sex for the time being. Everyone needs a break every once in a while, so don’t take it to heart.

It’s just sex; keep your feels locked down, give them bomb sex, don’t hangout together, clean up a little, and don’t hookup with them for more than a month or two.

Follow these tips and you’ll have great sex with great people, create great memories, and enjoy life in general! If you’re happy even because of one thing, that’ll make you a happier and more pleasant person overall.

Hookup with people, have fun, but most of all, be safe!