How To Chat With Someone You’re Trying To Hookup With

Imagine yourself at a party; everyone is hanging out, chatting, and having a good time. People are turnt up, some more than others, and overall it’s a party with a good vibe.

In the midst of listening to this drunk girl talk about her cat, your attention slips as someone across the living room catches your eye. You’ve never seen them before, and they look pretty hot.

You think, “hey, I’m not ugly, they’re hot, we should definitely leave here together tonight.” The only thing is, you aren’t sure on what plan of action you should take.

You’ve never seen them before, and have no idea who they are or who they came with; all of a sudden they were just there. That rules out talking to a mutual friend to get an idea about them first.

Now you have two options­ either just blindly walk up to them and initiate a conversation, or look for an “in” that you can use to talk to them.

Although these are nearly identical plans, the second one provides you with a “reason” to go up to them (since they don’t know that your intentions revolve around getting in their pants).

Using an “in” is the more surefire way, as you have something you can talk about. If you just walk up to them, it could lead to an awkward interaction in which you blank on what to say next to them, and there goes your hopes of getting laid.

Okay, so you’re walking up to them. It’s the moment of truth now!

Instead of just blatantly asking them if they’d like to have sex with you, just act like you’re curious enough to go talk to them to find out who they are.

Introduce yourself, and you might want to ask who they know at the party. If they mention someone you know, you have a few moments where you can talk about how each of you know or met that person, and there’s some common ground.

To give them the idea that you’re not just making friendly conversation out of the good of your heart, compliment them on some feature you like. Don’t be bold, but rather somewhat low key about it.

As they’re talking, show that you’re interested; ask questions based off what they’re saying or laugh at their jokes, even if they’re not very funny.

After a few minutes of chit chat, start to flirt a little. Touch them on the hand or arm, or compliment them again (“I could get lost in your eyes” or “That haircut looks really good on you”).

By this time you’ll have an idea on what they think of you as well, either by just having a great conversation or hitting on you too.

It can’t be a bad idea to get each other more drinks (or hit that bong again a few times), cuz who doesn’t like getting more turnt and feeling good, right? Once you’re both on a good level, you’ll start to feel more confident and if you have some chemistry, both of you will start to make some moves.

To see if they’re into you, one thing you can do is grab their hand for something (whether to lead them through a crowd to get a drink, or to a spot you can take a selfie) and if their hand lingers, they’re interested.

If you’re a guy, another option is to gently place your hand on the small of her back as you walk through all those people, which will show that you’re there to protect and guide her. This says that you know what you’re doing, and that everything is in control if she’s with you.

As the party continues, just focus on having a good time together; no need to be all that forward. If they like you and have a good time with you, that’s really all you need to ensure that you hookup with them that night.

You’d think that you’d need to pull some great moves or be super suave about it, but really, if they like you and are attracted to you, they’ll probably be down to go back to your place after the party.

We all just want sex eventually, and for all you know that was the first thing on their mind as well. Just be the best version of yourself, make sure they have a good time, and if it works, it works.

Don’t rush or force something to happen; it’ll happen if it’s going to happen. If they seem into you, no harm in asking them back to your place, and if they don’t want to, just take that experience and use it to help you hookup with the next person.

That’s all there is to it, really. Just be a fun person, engage their interest, and you’ve got a good shot.