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Squeaks from Hip Implants Show Need for Lubricants

With the growing success of hip replacement surgeries still there are problems encountered. Best example is metal-on-metal hip implant which is considered harmful. A squeaking hip appears to be a relatively recent phenomenon. The sound is audible to the person with the implant and those nearby. So what causes a squeaking hip? The Mayo Clinic Biomechanics Laboratory conducted a study. The squeaking, it turns out, appears to be connected with implants fashioned from alumina ceramic-on-ceramic and

Vitamin K Found to be Beneficial in Promoting Stro...

Vitamin K has been discovered to be beneficial in preventing or treating osteoporosis and bone loss problems by helping the body to absorb calcium, according to medical journals. On the other hand, Fosamax, belonging to class of drug called bisphosphonates, is extensively used to delay or prevent the effects of osteoporosis but is widely reported to be causing adverse effects on women, and the Fosamax and femur fractures blog explains more on this matter. Vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamin, so

Vitamins May Relieve Depression, According to Stud...

Due to the various negative analysis on Zoloft, a number of patients are now finding safer ways to treat depression. For more inputs on this, refer to sites discussing the birth defects attributed with Zoloft. Here is the good news, according to recent research, depression may be eased by vitamins, instead of antidepressants. Included in the list are Omega-3, folates, SAMe (S-adenosyl-L-methionine) and St. John’s wort. An increasing evidence noted that omega-3 fatty acids, aside from being essential

Analyzing Different Complications of Vaginal Mesh

What is a vaginal mesh? It is a medical device made of synthetic materials which provides the framework of support dependent upon the medical condition. It is usually used in the likes of pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence. However, this device is currently facing issues as evident by the increasing vaginal mesh implant lawsuits. The problems associated with this device have become alarming that numerous medical research increased in order to try to help the situation. The European

Litigation Against Mesh Implant Imply Its Hazard

Numerous legal groups announce that the victimized patients of vaginal mesh have legal options. Thus, it is best for the victims to seek legal advice for assistance in filing a vaginal mesh implant litigation. In October 2008 the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning about the use of this device. It advised that women should ask their physicians regarding other ways to treat their vaginal problems.. In July 2011 the FDA announced that women who were implanted with a vaginal mesh